40 Years of Direct Response Excellence and Innovation:
Exceptional media delivery, outstanding creative, cutting-edge analytics
… and a ton of hard work.

Media Buying Power and Proprietary
Networks Provide Unparalleled Delivery

Proprietary, Cutting-edge
Research and Diagnostic Tools

Integrated, Analytics Driven,
One-Stop Digital Shop

InterMedia Advertising—The Direct Response TV Leader

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Results-Driven, Efficient Production
in State-of-the-Art Facility

Celebrity Endorsement Specialists:
Drive Sales–While Building Your Brand

Retail Transition Specialists:
Drive Sales and Distribution

About InterMedia Advertising

InterMedia annually places over $600+ million in media and remains true to our founder’s guiding principles. Our cutting-edge, proprietary resources include targeted media networks, exceptional analytic and reporting tools, and a state-of-the-art TV production facility. These, combined with our service-first mindset, have positioned InterMedia at the top of the direct response industry.

Our Mission

  • Thoroughly understand each client’s strategic goals and challenges.
  • Evaluate each client’s target audience and competitive environment through both primary and secondary research.
  • Develop creative platforms to effectively communicate each client’s message in the most effective and cost efficient manner.
  • Monitor performance of every campaign variable and conduct regular, timely optimization.
  • Accomplish the above with speed, accuracy and a pride-of-workmanship level to the confidence placed in us by our clients.

Our Process

InterMedia’s process starts with full-spectrum media and strategic planning, utilizing a blend of proprietary, primary and secondary research tools to deliver actionable insights. These insights are integrated into all campaign elements, starting with defining a client’s prime prospects and understanding their media preferences. They are then applied to developing and producing results-oriented creative executions and constructing targeted, cost-efficient media schedules, and finally–analyzing and optimizing the results generated.

Why Choose InterMedia Advertising?

For the past 40 years, InterMedia has been a leader and prime innovator in direct marketing. We’re at the top of the direct marketing industry because we have blended proprietary and traditional resources to produce direct marketing campaigns that reliably provide a healthy return on our clients’ advertising investments. InterMedia always provides exceptional media efficiency, results-oriented creative, cutting-edge analytics and research—combined with a thorough dedication to client service.

InterMedia Advertising didn’t invent direct response; we just perfected it.
Contact us today to discuss innovative insights for increasing your ROI.