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Robert B. Yallen

PROGRAMMATIC AD BUYING: Utilizing Data for Success

Programmatic Ad Buying: Utilizing Data for SuccessProgrammatic ad buying has revolutionized media buying for advertisers. And, while this process is already making major contributions to marketing ROI for a wide variety of advertisers, this revolution has just begun.

What exactly is programmatic ad buying? Simply put, it is automated algorithmic media buying based on human analysis and oversight. In practice, it is an advanced mode of targeting digital media to reach your target audience. Through the use of software, data and logic, this technology provides a highly efficient and effective platform to buy advertising placements.

Programmatic ad buying eliminates much of the manual work that previously cost man hours, thereby freeing media planners and buyers to devote their time to strategy development and other necessary tasks.

In 2017, programmatic will account for 78% of the over $31B display advertising market in the US. Most of the growth is increased spending on mobile devices; this trend is projected to represent approximately three-quarters of the media dollars spent through programmatic channels, or around $24B vs. $8B on desktop advertising.

In the coming year, over 88% of major advertisers are planning to either utilize programmatic ad buying and/or increase their buys via programmatic platforms. In this article, we will detail what this process entails, how to best use it to drive substantial growth for your business plus how to integrate it with TV campaigns to generate the maximum advertising ROI for your business.

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