InterCallTrak is our proprietary call sourcing platform that enables timely, accurate optimization of marketing results by providing your company with real time incoming phone call volume and disposition.

InterCallTrak employs state-of-the-art technology to quickly analyze raw switch-level data to provide precise response caller analysis.

The client-friendly InterCallTrak dashboard enables straightforward campaign management and provides a detailed breakdown of precisely who is responding to your advertising campaign. It is customizable to deliver fast reads on pertinent marketing and advertising metrics, including cost per call and cost per lead information.

The InterCallTrak technology is built upon a stable, geographically redundant real-time mirrored platform. Level 3 provides the network infrastructure. Our class 1 data centers in Los Angeles and Dallas are automatically load balanced across both locations, as well as balanced inside each location. This means that if there are any issues in one of our data centers, our systems automatically adapt and even send traffic to the sister center without any human intervention, providing full throughput and zero call loss.

Our servers are protected by the highest industry levels of security, from advanced firewall configurations to military grade intelligent intrusion detection systems.