Creative Production

At InterMedia Advertising, we understand that the role of a TV or radio spot is to generate a profit for that advertiser, not win awards for the agency. At InterMedia, however, while we never lose sight of the primary goal, we are able to accomplish both.

We guarantee high production values and cost-efficiency through InterImage, our wholly-owned, state-of-the-art, in-house facility. Our creative production team is expert at blending art and science to craft spots that both motivate prospects and build a client’s brand.

The knowledge that InterMedia has accrued from creating, tracking and analyzing hundreds of direct response spots has enabled us to develop a well-defined production formula that maximizes the effectiveness of each response-oriented and branding element.

We know what will sell and what won’t. During production planning, our creative team works closely with research and analytics to identify the strongest consumer segments to target and the precise emotional appeal needed to stimulate a response.

And because we control both production and editorial in-house, we edit and customize commercials at rates well below the industry average—and pass these savings on to our clients. This dynamic is especially meaningful for our direct response clients, who often require extensive variable testing to determine the most effective formula.

Our production capabilities offer a tremendous competitive advantage for our clients. With InterMedia, an advertiser has the ability to quickly and inexpensively test new campaign elements, such as audience segments, media vehicles, creative executions, offers, and market expansion.

Our creative team is expert at balancing style and substance to produce advertising that looks great and performs even better. As consumer and purchase behavior specialists, we’re highly skilled at communicating a client’s message in an emotionally-compelling, response-producing manner.

InterMedia Advertising’s creative team is recognized for producing affordable commercials with the appearance and standards of much costlier productions. We deliver this added-value for our clients because we own a state-of-the-art production facility stocked with topline people and equipment, and we are particularly resourceful at crafting innovative solutions that maximize production budgets.

With all capabilities in-house, InterMedia is able to provide our clients with the full range of creative and production services for all media types. In addition to exceptional concept strategy, copywriting and design, we offer topline editing, customization and duplication services at below-market rates.

And, though we consider winning awards to be relatively immaterial to results, we can’t help ourselves; we keep winning honors anyway.