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TV Still Number 1

Hot Media Trends for June 13, 2016

  • Global retail e-commerce sales made up 7.4% of the total retail market worldwide in 2015 or $1.67 trillion. By 2019, that will jump to $3.58 trillion and will account for 12.8% of retail purchases, this according to a new report from eMarketer released in conjunction with the IRCE event in Chicago currently taking place. eMarketer projects annual retail growth of about 3.3% in North America through 2019, while growth in Western Europe will remain relatively flat at around 1.0% annually through the end of the forecast. Asia-Pacific remains the largest regional retail market in the world. (Read More on Response Magazine)

  • The Association of National Advertisers released findings of an extensive probe into the “transparency,” or lack thereof, of agency media-buying practices and said it found the practice of kickbacks or non-transparent media rebates to agencies to be “pervasive.” The findings, which are the result of an eight-month study conducted by K2 Intelligence, found “evidence of a fundamental disconnect in the advertising industry regarding the basic nature of the advertiser-agency relationship” and called for full “disclosure” of the media-buying process. The ANA study implied evidence of potentially criminal activities. While it did not utilize that language specifically, it said the findings revealed “potentially problematic agency conduct concealed by principal transactions; as a principal, an agency (or its holding company or associated company) purchases media on its own behalf and later resells it to a client after a markup.” (Read More on MediaPost)


  • AT&T and the Chernin Group to launch subscription video bundle, countering Amazon. Variety has learned that the duo is getting ready to unveil a new video subscription bundle targeting viewers interested in anime, video games, niche action sports and other fare. The new platform is being developed by San Francisco-based Ellation, which is part of the Otter Media joint venture that AT&T and Chernin formed in 2014. One of Ellation’s key assets has been Crunchyroll, an anime video subscription service that has at least 800,000 paying subscribers. (Read More on Variety)


  • Americans are spending more time than ever using media, but that amount of time is beginning to level off. The average consumer spends approximately 12 hours per day consuming media, up nearly an hour from 2011 levels, according to a new report from eMarketer. However, over the next two years, that number is set to increase by only three minutes. Among individual categories of media, television ranks as the most-used with an average 4 hours and 5 minutes per day in 2016, although that is expected to slip to 3 hours and 55 minutes by 2018. Mobile ranks second with an average 3 hours and 6 minutes in 2016, followed by desktop computers at 2 hours and 11 minutes. Broadcast radio (excluding digital) ranked fourth, accounting for 1 hour and 27 minutes of daily media consumption. Radio usage has been consistent since 2012, hitting between 1 hour and 32 minutes and 1 hour and 27 minutes, and daily radio listening is expected to remain flat through 2018, when it will be 1 hour and 25 minutes, the report says. (Read More on InsideRadio)


  • Pandora is overhauling its ads to create a more dynamic experience for some 80 million monthly users—blending images and sound, and integrating native video into its mobile experience. The streaming-music service is introducing responsive mobile display ads that automatically adjust to a phone’s screen size and that live in the square space housing album art. The new formats let users swipe to dismiss ads, and while Pandora wouldn’t disclose the entire list of brands included in the pilot phase, officials said it saw twice the number of listeners engage within an advertiser’s landing page. Pandora runs around 18,000 campaigns during a month and targets 1,000 different audience segments. A beta test for the new formats will launch in August with nearly a dozen brands, including clothing line Express and Lexus. (Read More on ADWEEK)

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