InterMedia Group of Companies® Set to Unveil New Headquarters in Woodland Hills

The InterMedia Group of Companies®, the $500 million media and marketing organization that is one of the largest independently-owned businesses in the advertising industry, will relocate from Encino to Woodland Hills, CA at the end of March, becoming the largest tenant in two buildings the company has purchased on Clarendon Street.

CEO Robert Yallen reported the acquisition of 22110 and 22120 Clarendon, encompassing more than 40,000 square feet, in a $10 million deal that encompasses property purchase and improvements. The company will occupy two of the three floors in the larger of the two buildings.

InterMedia, a 38-year-old family-owned business with long time roots in the San Fernando Valley, will share tenancy with Pavon Insurance Agency, Vines Management, L.A. Group Design Works, Danone Simpson Insurance Services, Richard’s Packaging, San Fernando Valley Dental Society and Essex Management. InterMedia has retained Loramar Equities of Winnetka, CA as property manager. With the addition of InterMedia, tenancy rises from 57 percent to 100 percent.

“We have been looking for the right property for nearly 10 years while we outgrew our present office space, “said Yallen. “This deal provides both a smart real estate investment and an ideal headquarters to house our multiple units and our 90 California employees.

The company, which includes among its clients US Army, Johnson and Johnson, Neutrogena,, Budget Blinds,, Biotab Nutraceuticals,, Marinello Schools of Beauty and Corinthian Colleges, also has offices in New York. To accommodate its growing staff, InterMedia will occupy more than 50% of the building at the 22120 Clarendon building in Woodland Hills.

InterMedia has tapped Shubin + Donaldson of Culver City, as the architect to plan and oversee the improvements to the headquarters building. The company will extend out the setback entrance to create an attractive and spacious lobby and has developed a wall of floating glass panes surrounding the entrance to update the building’s former 1980’s style. The enhancements will turn a Class B into a Class A building.

The lobby for the new facility will feature a dynamic interactive media wall with touch screens, allowing not only displays of current ad campaigns, but ways to engage visitors with the power of advertising and creative marketing.

For the interior offices, Shubin + Donaldson has developed a very unique design concept that incorporates the flow of a soundwave into the re-design. The curving design mimics the soundwave for the word “yes!” As an agency that specializes in direct response advertising, it is the company’s mission to get consumers to say “yes” to its clients’ products or sales leads, hence the creative imperative that is built into the new office’s DNA.

“We love the voiceprint embodied in our new headquarters that is a positive expression of engagement,” says Yallen.

The new executive suite will house the growing team of executive, legal and financial professionals. The offices will mix rich woods with stone and metal in the elegant decor. In addition to conference rooms, there will also be an executive bar and lounge to entertain clients.

The creative teams will have special breakout areas to encourage brainstorming and innovative collaboration.

InterMedia will also enhance its production and post-production facilities with a new media center. Two of the company’s units-InterImage Productions, the creative subsidiary, and InterPost, the post-production unit-will avail themselves of three new edit bays and walls that can be moved around to create studio space. One of the other attractions of the two-building complex is a large parking lot behind the second building which can be used as an outdoor studio for filming commercials.

Incorporated in the new InterMedia headquarters will be subtle tributes to the company founder Sydney Yallen, who signed all of his documents in purple and collected lion artwork and figurines. There will also be splashes of rich royal purple for occasional accent. Sydney Yallen will be honored on the company’s entrance video wall, along with his wife Penny Joyce, an ice skating superstar in the 50s and pioneer of early television.

“We know that our corporate culture will blossom in this highly conducive, creative environment,” says Robert Yallen, whose daughter Lindsay is already making her mark in the company, and will be a major contributor in the third generation of the family-owned business. Lindsay, who is a fast-rising star in the company, has been involved in the plans for the new headquarters.

“Our new headquarters will allow us to spread our wings, expand our services, and take advantage of new technology. We’ll be poised for unlimited growth in the coming years.”