To thrive in today’s business environment, an advertiser needs a strong, integrated digital component as part of its overall marketing strategy. A program that is designed to educate, motivate, and profitably convert prospects into customers.

At InterMedia Advertising, we develop targeted digital strategies that fully integrate with your offline advertising, generate leads, and build your brand while providing your company with a powerful digital presence.

We use innovation, analytics and experience to create, plan, buy and optimize all aspects of your digital business. All with an approach that is targeted, measurable in real time, and responsive to both your needs and the changing dynamics of the digital marketplace.

Our motto is Always be testing. Every targeting option, creative and vender should be tested to ensure we see continuous improvements to you CTR, Conversion rate and bottom-line.

Each Digital platform offers different targeting options, and methodologies and technology to help us reach your audience. This gives us the ability to test and utilize and optimize the right mix of technology and targeting to maximize campaign performance.


Direct buys on targeted websites focusing on integrated placements to align your brand with the publisher’s audience


Cross-Device strategies supported by Mobile Advertising.  Mobile response vehicles like SMS, QR Codes & Augmented Reality.


Native advertising allows us to grab users attention fast, educate your audience through content-rich landing pages and provide them with a clear path to conversion


A robust Paid Social strategy is critical to reach your target audience at scale.  Paid Social can not only drive cost effective results, it is also an important part of an audience-first

strategy that combines the reach of multiple media channels as part of an omni-channel strategy.

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We identify key influencers and work with you to build relationships and promotional strategies to effectively leverage their audience


Digital video channels continue to grow, YouTube provides over 6 billion hours of video are watched every month. As more of your target audience consumes digital video it is

imperative for your brand to have a presence to stay relevant & effectively communicate with your target audience. We have in house digital video experts who understand the nuances of each digital channel and execution. This includes optimized video to address various formats and support options in Youtube, Facebook, and Programmatic video.

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It is imperative to have a presence across digital audio properties like Spotify, Pandora or iHeart.  Digital audio has the added benefit of not being left behind when the users leave

their car or office so we can continue to deliver your message to the right audience wherever they are listening

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Locally focused media campaigns utilize traditional digital media channels and layers on additional targeting opportunities to effectively hype-target your message to specific locations.

Unique opportunities for local include leveraging Geo-Fencing for mobile audiences, Geo-Targeted for display, video, mobile and search as well as Digital OOH

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Email and CRM optimization to ensure that your messages are reaching your audience and not being ignored. We work with you to provide Cross-Screen Email Marketing for messaging to all devices and engaging your mobile audience with Push Notifications


Our Team of Affiliate Managers have years of experience building and managing successful affiliate campaigns for our clients. We specialize in developing customer acquisition programs that go beyond initial lead goals, we analyze and optimize to your campaigns performance throughout the conversion path to understand which lead sources are delivering the best ROI


We have design and development resources to create effective page designs and user experiences. We’ll work with you to optimize your conversion path to make things simple and intuitive ultimately improving performance and usability